View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.comScenic Bike Ride in South Natick, Sherborn, and Dover

The Eliot Church at South Natick Square marks the original site where John Eliot established a praying Indian village in 1651.  Nearby is the Pleasant St. Bridge over the Charles River. Ride west on Eliot Street (Route 16), passing several historic houses on the right, including Sam Lawton House (#69 Eliot St., built up to the sidewalk, 1798), and Rev. Stephen Badger House (#87, in a classic colonial setting, 1753).  Also on the right is the Natick Community Organic Farm. 

Eliot Church with Goin Bailey House on left

Pleasant St. Bridge

Stephen Badger House

Community Farm

The road goes along the Charles River on the left; look back to see the Sargent Footbridge and Virgin Mary statue.

Sargent Footbridge

Bear left onto South Street.  Century Farms is at the corner on the left. 

Farm at Corner of Eliot and South Streets

Immediately afterward, Broadmoor Audubon Sanctuary* begins on the left, and shortly is on both sides of the street. (The main entrance to Broadmoor is on Eliot Street.) 

South Street

At South Street’s lowest point, cross Indian Brook, which drains a large wetlands area in Broadmoor and beyond.

Broodmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Immediately afterwards is the Thomas Sawin House, probably the oldest house in Natick, with parts dating back to the 1690s.  Climb the steep hill and continue into SHERBORN. 

Thomas Savin House

South Street ends.  Turn left onto Farm Road, which contains many 18th century houses and picturesque farms. The red barn at #157 was built in 1875, but the house dates to 1800.

157 Farm Road

The next farm (#177, a 1759 house with a white barn) is the site where Daniel Morse first settled the area, then part of Natick, in 1658.  The current building and others on this road were built by his descendents.  The Daniel Morse III house at #210 (with natural brown shingles, 1710) is probably the oldest in Sherborn.  In recent years, Farm Road has been planted with daffodils, creating the “Sherborn Daffodil Trail” to the center of town.

177 Farm Road

Cross Charles River and enter DOVER, where the road becomes Bridge Street.  This is the first bridge and first canoe landing upstream from South Natick.

At end of Bridge Street, bear left onto Farm Street.

Charles River from Bridge Street

The Trustees of Reservations own two properties here, with many public trails: Chase Woodlands* on the right and Peters Reservation* (which backs onto the river) on the left.

Peters Reservation

Turn left onto Glen Street, which has no more hills!  Pass the Boston College Retreat Center on the left (formerly St. Stephens Priory).  Entering NATICK, the first street on the right, Sassamon Road, leads to the Mumford Wildlife Forest,* where a new walking trail has been build connecting to Pegan Hill Reservation.*

Boston College Retreat Center

On the right are the apple orchards and horse grazing area of Belkin Lookout Farm.*

On the left is Glenwood Street.   (A short side trip leads to the quiet Glenwood Cemetery,* surrounded by conservation land.  Here are buried many prominent South Natick families, including Horatio Alger)

Lookout Farm

At the end of Glen Street, turn left onto Pleasant Street, and cross the Charles River, with a view of the South Natick Dam.  (Or consider another side trip, right on Pleasant Street, to the Lookout Farm Shop for their famous gelato.)

Return to South Natick Square.

South Natick Dam

* Indicates scenic walking areas recommended as a side-trip.

 Prepared by Martin Kessel for Natick Bike Week Ride, Updated May 10, 2008